Updated 13 June 2023: Sal Pizzurro Invented the original SignSledge™ in 2008 and started making them for others after realizing that he had a winner of a product. The SignSledge™ was fairly crude back then. We had basically stuck an off the shelf Sledge Hammer (similar to this one) inside a PVC pipe (Kind of like the Sign Nailer from one of our competitors) and welded steel clips to the head to hold the nails, but we weren’t totally satisfied with the design yet. The SignSledge™ went through a few variations until we finalized the design in 2012 and it’s been unchanged ever since. We feel that we’ve pretty much perfected the design in terms of usability, quality and manufacturing processes. We eventually acquired SignHammer.com along with it the SignHammer™ trademark. We then designed the new SignHammer™ which is almost identical to the SignSledge™ except that it has just one nail holding clip and one hammer face. Both tools are the same in length, at 38″. 

In 2016 we designed the SignTacker™ which is a Hammer Tacker/Hammer Stapler based sign tool. The SignTacker™

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