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Welcome to The Bandit Sign Solutions Online Store! We offer the highest quality tools for placing bandit signs, advertising signs, marketing signs and yard signs. The SignSledge™ & The SignHammer™ use Standard 1-1/4 galvanized roofing nails and The Sign Tacker™ uses Arrow T-50 style staples (1/2″ length)

Benefits to using our tools
  • Increased exposure – Make more sales! No other form of marketing can attract so much attention for your advertising budget.
  • Safety – Be Careful! Get your signs up Quickly without climbing a ladder 
  • Speed – Time is your most valuable resource. It’ll take you more time to walk over to the pole than it takes to hang your sign
  • Quality – Craftsmanship! We take pride in our work. We only use the best materials . Our tools are the best! Every aspect of every tool we sell has been engineered with quality in mind and is built to last right here in the USA.
  • Value – Buy once, cry once. You’ll know you made the right decision once you lay your hands on our sexy sign tools.
  • Options – Whether you want to use roofing nails or staples we’ve got you covered! We have economical options as well. Choose the Sign Hammer if you want to save a few bucks without compromising on quality.
  • Better than using stakes or H-wire stands – Signs are not as easily vandalized or taken down when placed on telephone pole or utility poles Using our tools.

The Sign Sledge, The Sign Hammer and The Sign Tacker are sold exclusively in our Online Store. Unlike the competition, we don’t use affiliates, so we can put more time and better materials into the tool instead “cheaping out” on the tool and having to pay a large percentage to an affiliate for every sale. 

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